Using Raspberry PI for hardware development


At the time I was thinking about RetroShield, I read other people trying RPI as their main computer. The reviews were mixed, so I asked myself, why not? I used RPI for about 2 months and I believe it has a lot of potential for daily use with some gotchas.

TL;DR version

I used it to develop RetroShield schematics and PCB and some of the documentation. I would do it again without hesitation. RPI helped me stay focused because I could work on only one task at a time :)

I got the Pi-Top laptop, so I can work away from home. It is slightly expensive but the keyboard layout and tactile feedback is a pleasure (it feels good to type as much as my Mac 2009; not the recent mac’s which are terrible).

Here is how I installed the mSATA inside the pi-top. I have an RTC board waiting to be installed.